What We Offer

How do you make your quarter scale miniature houses look like quarter scale homes?  With accessories!  What home doesn't have food on the table or books on the shelves or plants to bring some life to the indoors?  Most of my furnishing and accessory kits are 3D printed so easy to assemble and paint and ready to use. 

Desert Minis is also known for one of a kind, high-quality miniature foods.  Not just sweet treats, but real foods from the USA and abroad.   Foods add life and realism to dollhouses or other miniature scenes including kitchens, dining rooms, restaurants, bistros, Italian, Mexican or other ethnic restaurants, picnic scenes or bakeries.  Choose from single serving dishes as well as main dishes and side dishes that can be served family style. 

Do you work in half scale (1/24 scale?)  Many of our foods and kits can be made to order in half scale.  Just contact us!

Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery, especially of our handmade food items.