Survived! (And some new products and restocked products!) July 05, 2015 12:16

I survived the QC Convention!  While these events are true labors of love, they're also a LOT of labor!  On a lot of people's parts.  But there was still a little time to introduce a couple of new products and get some old favorites restocked.

On the "new" front, we have a laser cut ice cream maker...the old fashioned kind with the hand crank.  These were actually given out in the 2009 convention as part of one of the souvenirs, but I found a bunch more kits, so they're on the price list now.   Here's the link: and here's the photo:

Also, in anticipation of the workshop I'm teaching in Indianapolis at the end of the month, I've put together a super easy kit to make ice cream foods.  These would look super in the Incredible Ice Cream Shop and are VERY easy to make as all the clay work is done for you!   Here's the link for the kit:

and here's a photo of the kit and of the ice cream in the shop.


As for restocked items,

The "wrought iron" table and chairs are back in stock as are the pantry items kits


I almost forgot!  SILVERWARE IS BACK!!!