Felt like I actually worked on miniatures yesterday! August 23, 2015 07:40

Being in the miniature business has drastically changed the time that I get to spend on miniatures just for fun.  There's the occasional QC convention kit where I try to work through the instructions before we print 200+ copies, but mostly everything I do is business related.  Yesterday was still business related, but felt different somehow!  I decided that I needed to furnish some of the roombooks that I have on display on my sales table.  It really helps people visualize what can be done with them. For me, though, it meant I got to wander through my stash to pick out furniture and accessories that would go with the different themes.  I even cracked open a few kits and assembled furniture!  Just like being a "real" miniaturist!  Here's the results of my efforts....it all made for a very relaxing day!

In order shown below, here is the Wine Lover's, St. Patrick's Day, Rainbow Bridge, 4th of July, Halloween, Easter/Spring, Christmas and Bakery boxes.