Halloween--A special project October 08, 2015 07:17

So, I am not a Halloween person...don't know exactly why.   But my cousin recently asked me to make a filled Halloween Roombook for her...so I got to play a bit!  The kitties and blackbirds are by Barbara Meyer of Mini Gems, but the rest of the furnishings are all designed and 3D printed by me and, of course, I made the eyeball cupcakes and the spider web cupcakes and the blackbird pie.  I also filled the cauldron....anyone for bobbing with apples from a cauldron that is not only bubbling over but that has a skeleton peeking out at you?  


Lots of folks have asked about the accessories.  I will be offering these as a kit as part of the NAME Day event on Quarter Connection and, afterwards, on my website.  Watch for them, starting on the 16th, at:  http://quarterconnection.com/QC_NAME_Day_2015_Info.html

Here's a pic of the full accessory kit: