Christmas Cookie Kit and Christmas Cookie Roombook! November 24, 2015 10:45

This new workshop features one of the things we love most about the holidays!  Christmas Cookies!  This is not a clay workshop...everything is 3D printed...even the cookies!  You just get to frost them (and that's the most fun part anyway!)  Kit includes table and chairs, cookies, table decorations and serving dishes and sells for $25 plus shipping ($4 US, $7 Canada, $9 everywhere else).  Cookies include stars, snowmen, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, mittens and holly.  You'll need a basic toolkit as well as slick fabric paints (for frosting) and a bit of satin/matte finish. 

You can also get the new Christmas Cookie Roombook kit.  This sells for $25 and comes with the open book, two closed books, papers and plastic display case.  Complimentary shipping on the roombook when ordered with the Christmas Cookie Kit for a limited time only.

These will be available on the website starting December 17th.  You can pre-order by emailing