New Roombook, New Food Kit, New RT Kits and New Pages! August 04, 2016 15:31

Just updated the website and added a new page...the Customer Gallery.  These are few pics that people have sent over the last couple years to show you what real live miniaturists have done with their Desert Minis kits!  If you want your work in the gallery, send me a picture.  If you already sent a picture and aren't seeing it in the gallery, please don't be offended.  That means that I filed it away in a very safe place...and it would help if you would send it again!

I've also added several new products.  There's a new roombook kit; a garden shed.  The pic here shows it with the potting bench kit as well as the assorted plant pots kit.  Too cute! 

And for you foodies out there, I've got a new food kit...candies! 

And a couple new roundtables, available in quarter, half and one inch scales.  The first is a fairy garden in a birdbath and the second is an assortment of southwest style pots. 

Want more info?  Click on the pictures to see the whole listing.