KIT - 1950's Style (mid-century) Sectional Sofa

$ 9.00

Remember these sectional sofas!  They could take up a whole room.  These are 3D printed so assembly is easy.  You can paint the sofa or, if you're bolder than me, upholster it!  This comes in parts, so please order all the pieces you want.  You can do that by selecting each piece from the drop down menu under "Part" and adding each piece to your shopping cart.  Or, order "the whole thing" which will give you the main sofa, the curved piece and one additional straight piece as shown in the fourth picture. 

Main Sofa:  2" w x 7/8" tall x 3/4" deep
Curved piece:  1 3/8" wide (corner to corner)
Straight piece:  3/4" wide

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